Blogger/PR Call: Dusk to Dawn Mineral Night-Time Treatment

We’re starting up (finally) our blogger/PR relationships again… after much brainstorming as to the best way to reinstate the program, we’ve chosen to take a more structured, systematic approach, which we hope will over time, get the full suite of Aromaleigh v2 products reviewed in various online outlets.

We’d like to each week, offer a particular Aromaleigh product available for review.

This week, we’re offering DUSK to DAWN night-time treatment for review.


Please submit information about your blog (url, #readers, stats, if you’ve previously reviewed aromaleigh, and of course, your complete mailing address) to

Please include the subject of the email to be “DUSK TO DAWN BLOG/PR CALL”

We’ll be sending samples of Dusk to Dawn out to 20 blog/PR outlets.

We will also be starting a blogger database with this first initial offering. Please feel free to repost to others, if you find it applicable.

We want to start a section on our site of blogs that review Aromaleigh products, with an icon representing your blog and links back to it, for each Aromaleigh product reviewed over the future time.

** If you don’t have a blog or site and are interested in leaving your own review of the Dusk to Dawn product, you may do so via the new DISQUS commenting feature that we have added to the Aromaleigh website.

Thank you, and stay tuned for our weekly blogger/PR call postings!

Blogger/PR Call: Dusk to Dawn Mineral Night-Time Treatment