Comment/Review capability being added to all product items, full sizes, sets, samples, etc!

As’s shopping cart/store software, Yahoo! currently does not provide a built-in option for including an area to review or comment on a product, we have been for some time, searching for an option that will provide this must-desired capability for our customers.

We chose DISQUS, as it is used widely on many blogs and websites, and it has some nice features that we feel will be helpful to customers. Please note, this system is for the purpose of commenting on and reviewing products– if you have a question about your order or a product, please contact Aromaleigh through our email link on the website top navigation bar.

To comment/review a product, look for the DISQUS interface at the bottom of the page. We are in the process of adding this feature at the same time as we are adding the “Add to Wish List” capability, so it does not yet appear on all products yet. It is currently active on most eyeshadow collections, brushes/accessories and some face products. We hope to soon have it activated site-wide

You do need to register for a DISQUS account. This is simple and easy.

Once you are registered for DISQUS, you can comment and review the product on that page, as well as Upload your own images, such as product swatches or looks created using the color! 

Another very nice feature of DISQUS is that you can also see what others are commenting/reviewing across the entire website, by toggling the discussion buttons on the DISQUS interface. Your account will also keep track of all of the comments that you leave, for your own personal reference.

We hope you enjoy this system for the purpose of commenting/reviewing Aromaleigh products! It does not offer a 1-5 star rating system, but you can give a product your own personal # of stars when you write!

At this time, we are using the DISQUS spam filtering system to prevent SPAM comments from infiltrating the site. We have our filters set to place any comment containing a url in the moderation queue, so if you leave a link to your blog post, etc about Aromaleigh, we’ll have to approve that manually. Otherwise, comments/reviews should post right away, unless they trigger the spam filter for some reason.

We will moderate the system in the following manner:

1. To remove Spam that gets through

2. To approve valid comments that contain urls or triggered the spam filter

3. To remove off-topic or irrelevant postings that have nothing to do with the product/item they are posted on.

4. To remove customer service queries about an order, product etc (Please send these to us through our contact link!)

5. To edit or remove postings that are any of the following: profane; personal attacks against any person/group/company; potentially libelous or defamatory information against any person/group/company; threats, hate speech, discussions that degrade into flame wars amongst commenters, etc.

We welcome both praise and criticism of products, and out of consideration for all customers and site visitors we simply request that users of the comment system do so with maturity and respect for others.


Comment/Review capability being added to all product items, full sizes, sets, samples, etc!