“Add to Wishlist” website feature currently in process!

As Aromaleigh v2 continues to grow and introduce more new products, we are also working on making the website more user-friendly for you!

We are in the process of adding an “Add to Wishlist” button to each and every product, full size, sample and set on the site… shortly, you’ll soon find all of the items available on our site have this feature!

We have chosen to use Amazon’s “Add to Wishlist” option for numerous reasons- many large online retailers are using this Amazon service, which allows you to add products from any website showing the Amazon Add to Wishlist badge, to your Amazon account wishlist, thereby conveniently and centrally locating your online purchase wishes from various online stores, including amazon.com!

Amazon Wish List also makes it easy to share your wishlist with others, and if you don’t already have an amazon.com account, it is easy and free to create one.

So look for the following badge at the top of product pages!

“Add to Wishlist” website feature currently in process!