Rotating sifters (aka “travel sifters”) now available for individual purchase!

We tested the new “rotating” style sifter for several months of shipping foundations, finishing powders, primers and rouge… but in the end, we found that the tried and true traditional sifter with a sifter seal was the best way to ship Aromaleigh products.

Why? Because with the traditional sifter we are able to pack jars full without leakage… and, the rotating sifter, while wonderful once a jar of mineral makeup arrives… is prone to leakage in transit. However, we know that many of you prefer to have your jars with rotating sifters once you receive them!

For this reason, we’re now offering the rotating sifters for purchase for those of you who would like to remove the traditional sifters from your “20 gm” or “30 gm” jars and replace them with rotating sifters, but we’ve transitioned back to the regular sealed sifters for all Aromaleigh products that we ship out.

Rotating sifters are sold singularly. You can easily pry the original sifter off of your jar and replace it with the new sifter!

Please visit here to shop for the rotating sifters. NOTE- these sifters do not fit the large 25 GM Aromaleigh jar size!

Rotating sifters (aka “travel sifters”) now available for individual purchase!