Join our new Facebook Group, “Aromaleigh Aficionadas”!

If you have a Facebook account, surely you have an opinion about the new “Timeline” format. Once-active pages turned into ghost towns overnight! The Timeline format isn’t geared towards social sharing or discussion! We’ve ended up using the Aromaleigh v2 Facebook page mainly for announcements. (Please do “like” our page, if you haven’t already!)

While we did create an Aromaleigh forum, it may never reach the level of activity or thousands of members that the Aromaleigh v1 “Aromaleigh Aficionadas” forum once had.

So as per your feedback on Facebook, we have created a Facebook GROUP… Groups do not have the timeline format and are much better suited for sharing and discussion.

We’ve named the new Facebook Group “Aromaleigh Aficionadas”, in honor of the former forum… if you’re on Facebook, please join! It’s the perfect place to share, post, query, comment, swap or trade. It’s YOUR group.

In appreciation of your joining the Facebook Group, we have a special coupon waiting for you there (you may need to scroll down a bit to find it!). 

We’ll continue to post regular news and product updates to both the Aromaleigh v2 Facebook Page, as well as the new Group (and the blog.. and the forum!) but we’ve realized that social networking has changed quite a lot since the days of Aromaleigh v1’s very active online forum. More customers are using Facebook than ever!

We hope you’ll join us at the new Group!

*Please note, it is a closed group, so we have to manually add you. We will try to do this as quickly as possible, but depending on when you request to be added there may be a delay. Thanks for your understanding!

Now let’s talk makeup! Join!

Join our new Facebook Group, “Aromaleigh Aficionadas”!