Bete Noire’s lovely Genissa, Sybilla and Alix… swatched!

Last month we re-released Aromaleigh v1’s top-selling Bete Noire collection, with three new shades. As promised, we’ve created skin swatches of the colors to assist you.

They turned out nicely, however the more brilliant “sparks” of color described in the color descriptions and seen in the regular swatches didn’t appear as well as we’d hoped. The pigments which provide this effect are notoriously difficult to photograph!

Aromaleigh’s top-selling “Bete Noire” eyeshadow collection welcomes the addition of 3 gorgeous new shades- alix, sybilla and genissa!

Alix is a cool evergreen with smokey tones and bright violet and green sparks.

Sybilla is a smooth, complex black frost with mauve undertones and brilliant golden sparks.

Genissa is a dramatic smokey teal blue with brilliant blue sparks.

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Bete Noire’s lovely Genissa, Sybilla and Alix… swatched!