New Aromaleigh “PASHMINA” Mineral Foundation (based on v1 “Pure Cover”)

It’s finally here… Aromaleigh’s third Mineral Foundation, PASHMINA.


Pashmina Mineral Foundation… a versatile, high-coverage foundation based on Aromaleigh v1’s”Pure Cover” Concealer/Foundation.

“Pure Cover”, the predecessor of our new PASHMINA mineral foundation–was a multi-purpose product which could be used as a concealer, or on it’s own as a high-coverage mineral foundation. Many customers also blended Pure Cover into their Mineral Foundation formulas to develop their own customized level of coverage.

Initially, Pure Cover was offered in Aromaleigh v1’s full foundation shade range. In 2006, the shade range was decreased to 9 shades which corresponded to various colors in the standard Aromaleigh shade chart (These were simply called by number, #1-#9).

We are pleased to announce that the Aromaleigh v2 version of v1’s “Pure Cover” will be offered in the full v2 foundation formula shade range, and for previous users of the numbered versions 1-9, we will assist with guidelines for you.

The current Aromaleigh shade matching system offered for Dewdrop and Gossamer applies to the new PASHMINA formula. We do recommend that former v1 Pure Cover users try samples to experiment with the new and improved formula, prior to purchasing in full sizes.

Sizes available below:

The regular jar size ( aka “20 gram” jar) holds 10 grams net weight of foundation. This jar measures 2″ in diameter and is .875″ high

The large jar size (aka “50 gram” jar) holds 25 grams net weight of foundation.
This jar measures 2.875″ in diameter and is 1.125″ high

Sample Baggie 1/2 teaspoon in a 2×2 inch zip baggie
This is enough product for 7-10, depending on your coverage level

Both Dewdrop and Gossamer Mineral Foundations also offer excellent coverage and skin adherence, and an extensive color palette. Pashmina, our full coverage foundation can be used alone as a foundation, or as a concealer. It can also be added to Dewdrop or Gossamer to increase coverage levels of these formulas.


New Aromaleigh “PASHMINA” Mineral Foundation (based on v1 “Pure Cover”)