“Porcelana” Oil Control Primer Powder… a summer must-have!

Is your pursuit of a flawless, matte “Porcelain” finish thwarted by oily skin? Do mineral cosmetics work great for you with the exception of some oily breakthrough?

Porcelana Oil Control Mattifying Primer Powder is a Magnesium-based translucent primer powder which is finely milled with a creamy feel. A thin layer of Porcelana applied to your problem areas can greatly help in keeping your image of perfection… all day long. This product is based on Aromaleigh v1’s “Porcelaine” Primer- it has the same exact formula, but we’ve adjusted the 3 tone levels to be more user-friendly. Instead of coming in light-medium, medium and medium-deep, Porcelana is available in light, medium and deep.

Some magnesium-based oil control powders are stark white and although they are translucent, this can product a chalky effect on darker skintones. Porcelana alleviates this problem by offering neutrally tinted translucent powders in light, medium and deep. We suggest that you try samples in at least 2 of these tones to find the best match for you.

After applying Porcelana, you will see that it melds with your skin and provides an invisible canvas on which you will apply your Aromaleigh’s Dewdrop, Gossamer or Pashmina Mineral Foundations.


“Porcelana” Oil Control Primer Powder… a summer must-have!