Pre-order CANCELED (MELANCHOLIA “Gothic Lolita” Nourishing Colour Creme)

The lip tint pre-order for Melancholia lip tint has been canceled. This was the top-selling lip color out of any Aromaleigh v1 product ever. It was the only lip product that was “successful” for the company, so we were confident that this would be a success.

Due to lack of interest, the pre-order has been canceled as of 5/23.

Since the deadline is drawing near and we’ve only sold half the tubes required to meet pre-order, it appears that our hopes to bring one lip product back for order pre month is not going to work.

Everyone will be receiving a refund within the next few days. We REALLY wanted this to work, and we’ve advertised it here, on the blog, twitter, newsletter and forum… but the interest just isn’t there.

Thanks everyone who ordered- we’re sorry that there’s not enough interest in this product to bring a round of it back.

oh well….

Pre-order CANCELED (MELANCHOLIA “Gothic Lolita” Nourishing Colour Creme)