Skin swatches of “MUSE” eye collection’s first ten shades

Muse is possibly one of the most challenging collections to photograph skin swatches of, as by nature, the soft, plush shades are meant to be used as everyday go-to colors for use as bases, blenders and highlighters. They are gentle tones, and without primer, barely showed up in our initial round of swatch photos!

In order to get swatches completed of all collections, we opted to keep things simple and show the shade swatched on the skin, photographed in direct sunlight, applied with primer (same technique as all past Aromaleigh skin swatches).

The intensity of direct sunlight is necessary to reveal the highlights, lowlights and various tones and complexities of a shade. It reveals the color at it’s most intense levels, and being applied to the skin surface demonstrates nuances that a “straight” photograph, such as our standard color charts- can rarely reveal. With the MUSE collection, the sunlight makes these shades appear far more sparkly than they actually are!

Enjoy the first ten shades of MUSE!

Skin swatches of “MUSE” eye collection’s first ten shades