New “Moulin Rouge” Limited Edition Eyeshadow Collection- 35 Gorgeous new shades!

“Moulin Rouge” is our first Limited Edition eyeshadow collection of 2012, and is also the largest limited edition collection in Aromaleigh history- a myriad of 35 gorgeous shades spanning the chromatic scale in texture, finish, shimmer, sheen, sparkle and glimmer!

 The inspiration for the collection is vintage posters and dancer images, as well as the distinctive paintings of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and today’s modern haute couture deriving clear inspiration from the Belle Epoque era of the world famous Moulin Rouge.

Visit our Moulin Rouge Pinterest board, as we’ve started posting images that inspired the colors in this collection, and we’ll continue to expand this board with more material, as well as our interpretation, via eyeshadow.

Many of the shades in this collection were created to be very easy-wear, and are what we describe as “slightly sheer”, meaning that they are not as strongly and densely pigmented as many of the vivid/deep/dramatic shades from past Aromaleigh collections. Our goal with this collection, due to the many bright and deep shades, was to make them easy to use, layer and if desired, use eyeshadow primer, sealant or epoxy to max-out the color capacity.

So don’t be afraid to sample and experiment, even with the bright, vivid or dark shades… we’ve purposefully blended many of them to be user friendly as well as versatile!

Ingredients: Contains: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Boron nitride, May contain: Ferric Oxide (CI 77499, 77491, 77492), Manganese Violet (CI 77742), Ultramarines (CI 77007, ), Hydrated Chromium Oxide (CI 77289), Chromium Oxide (CI 77288), Ferric Ferrocyanide (CI 77510), Tin Oxide (CI 77861), (Silica (+) Bronze/Copper/Aluminum Powder), Tin Dioxide (CI 778161), Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Carmine (CI 175470)

Size: .Approx. 1.2 grams net weight for full sized jars. These are packaged in what is commonly known amongst mineral makeup fans as a “5 gram jar”. They contain a sifter with seal.

Made in the USA by Aromaleigh Inc.


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**SKIN SWATCHES ARE COMING SOON… (please wish along with us, for a bright sunny day so that we can take them!)

The 35-color swatch chart for this collection is below the color descriptions. It is a large image, so please be patient while it loads- we assure you, it is worth it!

Aromaleigh’s Color Descriptions:

1. Dentelle – A very soft, cool pink with a delicate golden highlight and tiny sparkles of silver and violet.

2. Ruffle- A slightly sheer pale cream yellow with the slightest undertone of warm green shimmer and fine borealis highlight glimmer.

3. Whirl- A slightly sheer oceanic blue-green with a soft navy undertone and brilliant highlight sparkles of green.

4. Garter- A deep smokey cool mauve with charcoal undertones, fine highlight glimmer of rose and brilliant sparkls of gold.

5. Absinthe- A lush, warm verdant green frost highlighted with a multitude of delicate aurora shimmers.

6. Taffeta- A warm wisteria purple plush luster glimmer finish accented with rich sparks of sapphire blue.

7. Risque- A plush heathery cool mauve grey made mysterious with bright sparks of cool green and rose.

8. Nuit- A dusky cobalt blue frost with a teal undertone and a rainbow of fine highlight shimmer.

9. Crinoline- The palest plush buff tone with a smooth lustrous sheen and tiny silver sparkles.

10. Joyeaux- A smooth and lustrous peachy-buff plush frost with bright sparks of copper gleaming from within.

11. Femme- A feisty coral pink rendered in our slightly sheer, wearable plush luster finish, with fine sparks of green and gold highlights.

12. Fée- “Fairy” in French, this shade is a lush heathered blue with soft grey undertones and heavenly sparks of sapphire blue and violet.

13. Battement- Translated, “high kick” as in the infamous Can-Can dance. The perfect blend of rose and cocoa in a plush luster finish with a myriad of delicate sparkles of copper, rose and green.

14. Paillettes- A richly hued soft luster frost, warm gold with a coppery base and bright vivid gold sparks.

15. Ooh la la- A lush russet brown with mauve tones, delicate violet highlight shimmer and brilliant copper sparks.

16. Cabaret- A deep plush luster eggplant shade with russet tones and highlight sparks of blue and rose.

17. Ma chèrie- A softly sheer plush luster in a midtoned cocoa rosy buff, highlighted with fine shimmers of green and blue.

18. Soirée- This festive fuchsia is made easy-wear with our soft plush luster finish, and a surprising highlight of bright cobalt blue sparks.

19. Blanche- A soft and lustrous pale nude frost sheen with sweet little highlight sparkles of blue and green.

20. Quadrille- A complex tonal finish frost in mid-toned warm spring green, with undertones of metallic gold and shimmering blue highlight sparkles.

21.Tattle Tale- A rich warm mahogany brown plush luster finish with bright flecks of bronze sparks and tiny silvery highlight shimmer.

22. Maribou- A lustrous frosted sheen finish, light steel grey with a smokey teal undertone and delicate borealis highlight shimmer.

23. Can-Can- A gorgeous and flirtatious coral, in a plush luster fine sheen finish with softly shimmering rose highlight sparkles.

24. Madame- A deep mauved purple with cocoa and heathery grey undertones in a plush luster soft finish, slightly sheer, with bright highlight sparkles of pink, green and copper.

25. Flutter- A paled lustrous grey-green (or green-grey?) sheen accented with brilliant green highlight sparkles.

26. Scandale- Is it a deep purplish brown or a deep brownish purple? This deeply complex frost shade goes either way, with a pewter undertone and shiny violet and green highlight sparkles.

27. Tantalize- A perfect warm brown, softly lustrous plush finish with surprisingly vivid sapphire and gleaming citrine sparks

28 Knickers- A pinked champagne luster sheen frost with delicate highlights of golden green.

29. Plume- A softly lustrous sheen of heathered teal blue with a purplish undertone and shimmery blue highlight sparkles.

30. Frou Frou- You’ll be smitten with this lustrous sheen pinky coral shade and her coppery highlight shimmers.

31. Courtesan- A resplendent lustrous sheen in a warm coral toned red shade with tiny highlight shimmer of copper and roses.

32. Belle- She’s the palest grey lilac lustrous frost sheen accented with vivid sparkles of lilac.

33. Frisson- Pale ecru in a lustrous frosted sheen finish with delicate highlight shimmers in borealis.

34. Danseuse- Full of surprises, this shade applies in a wonderful luster/softly metallic finish, in a rich, vivid tangerine orange with buff undertones, while highlighted with gleaming sparks of gold.

35. Bustier- A deep regal purple grape shade with a soft pewter undertone, and a low luster plush finish. Accented brilliantly with bright bronze sparks.

NOTE: While we have made all attempts for photographs to accurately depict colors, photography unfortunately does not accurately reveal the depth and interplay of color and effect of these shadows. Also, please note that variations do exist between different computer monitors.

New “Moulin Rouge” Limited Edition Eyeshadow Collection- 35 Gorgeous new shades!