v2 stock eyeshadow collections have begun… up first is “Muse”…

Welcome to beginnings of Aromaleigh v2’s stock eyeshadow collections. These are permanent additions to the Aromaleigh product line.

New collections will be added in the near future, each containing 5 shades to start… new shades will be added to the collections based on customer requests and feedback.

Our stock collections will feature a wide range of eyeshadow shades and finishes, but you will notice that the stock collections represent many go-to “basics”, while our limited edition eyeshadow collections represent seasonal trends or inspirations and typically contain our most dramatic, colorful and complex shades. Think of the stock collections as the foundations of your “eyeshadow wardrobe”, and our limited edition collections as “accessories”!

First up is “Muse”…

“There’s colors that you use everyday. Soft, perfect, comfortable colors that you always look good in and feel safe in. Those shades that every woman has several of in her makeup drawer. For layering, simple looks, or just easy no-questions-asked days. You know those colors. They’re not totally matte, and they’re not totally frost. They’re just in the middle. Plush and velvety with a slight hint of pearl. In neutral, softly shaded mid-tone hues that any woman can wear, and will reach for again and again and again. No matter what your age, no matter what your profession. We all need some perfect shades in our makeup collection… and these are it!”

“Muse” is an Aromaleigh v2 stock collection, which means that these are not limited edition shades. New shades will be added in the future based on customer feedback and requests.

This formula is based on Aromaleigh v1’s very popular “Eye Plush” collection.


v2 stock eyeshadow collections have begun… up first is “Muse”…