November’s Gift with Purchase eyeshadow is so much prettier in person. Sometimes I can take 50-100 swatch photos and you still just can’t catch what a color looks like in real life!

It’s an antiqued green base with shimmers of autumnal splendor- copper, and a gold-red-green color traveling sparkle.

Named “Evening Curled”, excerpted from this short verse by John Clare. For me personally the namealludes to the disappearance of our evening light, it’s as if our evenings just “curl up”!

“So dull and dark are the November days.
The lazy mist high up the evening curled,
And now the morn quite hides in smoke and haze;
The place we occupy seems all the world.”

– John Clare, November

You’ll receive a deluxe sample of this shade with purchases of $25+ (pre tax, coupon and shipping). All orders below this amount will receive a sample of this month’s Goddess, which is Meditrina.


Part III of the Six Wives of Henry VIII: Jane Seymour, now available!

The third volume of the Six Wives of Henry VIII is now available– Jane Seymour.

This volume contains a nourishing color creme for lips, two cheek colors, two multipurpose/highlighters, and seven eyeshadows. Full sizes feature artwork stylized by myself, based on Hans Holbein’s portrait of Jane.

The shades themselves are inspired by that portrait, as well as costuming from The Tudors series.

From Tudor History:

Jane Seymour may have first come to court in the service of Queen Catherine, but then was moved to wait on Anne Boleyn as Anne rose in the King’s favor and eventually became his second wife.

In September 1535, the King stayed at the Seymour family home in Wiltshire, England. It may have been there that the king “noticed” Jane. But, it isn’t until February of 1536 that there is evidence of Henry’s new love for Jane. By that point, Henry’s waning interest in Anne was obvious and Jane was likely pegged to be her replacement as Queen.

Within 24 hours of Anne Boleyn’s execution, Jane Seymour and Henry VIII were formally betrothed. On the 30th of May, they were married at Whitehall Palace. Unlike Henry’s previous two Queens, Jane never had a coronation. Perhaps the King was waiting to Jane to ‘prove’ herself by giving him a son.

It wasn’t until early 1537 that Jane became pregnant. During her pregnancy, Jane’s every whim was indulged by the King, convinced that she, whom he felt to be his first ‘true wife’, carried his long hoped for son. In October, a prince was born at Hampton Court Palace and was christened on 15th of October. The baby was named Edward. Mary, daughter of Catherine of Aragon, was godmother and Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, also played a role in the ceremony.

There has been much written over whether or not Jane gave birth to Edward by cesarean section although it seems unlikely that if she had, she would have lived as long as she did after the birth. Jane was well enough to receive baby Edward after her son’s christening so mother and father could formally bless the child. She was reported as very ill on October 23 and died on October 24th, two weeks after giving birth.

Henry had already been preparing his own tomb at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, which was where Jane was buried. In the end, she would be the only of Henry’s six wives to be buried with him.


Part III of the Six Wives of Henry VIII: Jane Seymour, now available!

FATALIS Vol. II Color Traveling Eyeshadows now available!

FATALIS VOLUME II eyeshadows are now available! Ten brand new shades, orderable in the demi sample jars and mini size jars. You can also order sets! Sample baggie sets are limited in number and part of the initial release only. You can also order demi sample sets and mini jar sets. Mini jar sets have jar art.

I did my best to keep the names simpler leaving out the second half of each color’s botanical inspiration. So no binomial nomenclature for the shades. I also tried to choose names that were less complex. I hope those frustrated by the other Fatalis names are pleased with this change!



FATALIS Vol. II Color Traveling Eyeshadows now available!

Coming VERY soon… ANNE BOLEYN, part 2 of the Six Wives of Henry VIII series!

Coming VERY soon… part 2 of the Six Wives of Henry VIII series. ANNE BOLEYN…

I hope to release between November 1st and 3rd.

This collection is permanent and is full of very beautiful, and wearable shades in a range of finishes. Only one shade is what I consider sparkly (La Plus Heureuse). The rest are matte and lustre finishes, and the highlighters and blushes are smooth, glowy and a dream to work with.

This collection contains four of the shades from last year’s Anne Boleyn Ephemera box. Those shades are Besotted, La Plus Heureuse, Lady Perseverance, and Marquess.

The matte shades are: Constancy (closest in shade to Pure Eyes Matte Limestone- formula is new), Queen in Heaven (closest in shade to Pure Matte Valerian- formula is new), Maligned (closed in shade to Pure Matte Bark- formula is new).

The lustre shades are Coronation, Chateau Vert, and Besotted.

Highlighters include Marquess, and the French Court.

Blush shades are Lady Perseverance, and Vivacious.

Nourishing color creme for lips is Catalyst, a very flattering vivid coral-red. I love this shade- it’s my favorite go-to color now!

All mini and full size jars have custom label art. All colors are vegan & cruelty free.

Coming VERY soon… ANNE BOLEYN, part 2 of the Six Wives of Henry VIII series!

The Catherine of Aragon collection (Part 1 of the Six Wives of Henry VIII series) will be here soon!

aragon-1150x-templateCheck it out! The Catherine of Aragon collection (Part 1 of the Six Wives of Henry VIII series) will be here soon! I am shooting for the 20th of September for release date.

Contains 7 eyeshadows (2 matte (Devote, Dowager Princess), 2 metallic (Banished, Fidei Defensatrix), 2 lustre (Leviticus, Trastamara), 1 sparkly (Queen Regent)), 2 cheek/rouge colors (Ordained, Defiant), and 2 highlighters (Sir Loyal Heart, Humble & LOyal). Also a nourishing color creme for lips (Catalina) in a beautiful pomegramate/berry shade (not yet pictured in final swatches). All full sizes will have custom label art.

Queen Catherine was not the boring, dowdy woman she is oft portrayed as on programs such as The Tudors. For starters, she had pale ivory skin, blue eyes and long strawberry/auburn hair- not dark hair or a typical “Spanish” look. From her Wiki, “In her youth she was described as “the most beautiful creature in the world” and that there was “nothing lacking in her that the most beautiful girl should have.” Thomas More and Lord Herbert would reflect later in her lifetime that in regard to her appearance “there were few women who could compete with the Queen [Catherine] in her prime.”

She and Henry VIII were very much in love when they married, and he jousted wearing her colors under the name “Sir Loyal Heart”. He respected her and involved her in matters of state, as both Queen Regent, and Defender of the Faith. During their 19 year marriage, Catherine was pregnant six times, regrettably only bearing healthy issue once- in Princess Mary.

These colors are inspired by a range of visual and literary sources, as well as my own interpretations. Never one to deliver you predictable, I’ve taken some creative liberty in my own personal perception of Catherine and the palette of colors that portray her the best, in my creative capacity. I’ve watched and rewatched The Tudors and pretty much every movie and documentary on the topic. I’ve also formed a lot of visuals from reading “The Constant Princess” by Philippa Gregory and other books in her series, which I love.

The Catherine of Aragon collection (Part 1 of the Six Wives of Henry VIII series) will be here soon!

20% OFF store-wide sale through 11:59 PM EST 8/17 + eyeshadow GWP for eligible orders!

SUMMER SALE.1150x.SUNFLOWEROur regularly scheduled weekly 25% off sales are shelved this week in favor of a store-wide 20% OFF coupon sale!

Enter coupon code HOTSUMMER20 to see your discount taken (yes, even on clearance merch).

Orders of $30 and up AFTER discount and before shipping will receive a demi sample GWP of one of the new Insectarium volume 2 eyeshadows I sneak peeked the other day (Below). Several shades will be sent out in your orders- no telling which one you’ll get with your applicable order!




20% OFF store-wide sale through 11:59 PM EST 8/17 + eyeshadow GWP for eligible orders!

July’s Goddess is DIANA, a gorgeous and luminous highlighter!

DIANA.ARTJuly’s Goddess is Diana. It’s a pale gold highlighter with a soft blue lustre, requested last year by Karissa. I did an Artemis eyeshadow many years ago back in 2009, and did a Goddess kit named after Artemis even further back in 2002, so opted for the Roman version of the Goddess for this month.
From Goddess Guide:

“Diana was the Goddess of the hunt and wild animals. She later took over from Luna as the Roman Goddess of the moon. Despite having no children of her own she is also considered to be a fertility Goddess, worshiped by woman trying to get pregnant and those who wish for an easy labour. Her trinity of gods included Egeria the water nymph and Virvius the woodland God. Originally she was Queen of the open sky and possible a sun Goddess in addition to being a moon Goddess as her name means light or bright sky. She is also known as “Lady of the beasts.” Men fought to the death to for the honour of becoming one of her priests. Origins and Genealogy: Her parents were Jupiter and Latona and she had a twin brother, Apollo. In the Pagan tradition she is also said to have had a daughter Aradia who became queen of the witches.”

The artwork for the jar tops is a gorgeous painting by Maria Cosway, depicting Georgiana Spencer Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, as Diana (although some sources say Cynthia, from the Faerie Queen- she is wearing Diana’s distinctive crescent tiara). Georgiana Cavendish was the great-great-great-great-aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales. If you want to read about some fascinating women, I suggest that you google both Maria Cosway and Georgiana- I really enjoyed learning about them. 🙂

This highlighter is shown lightly over eye base (bottom) and buffed out (top right corner). It can be worn on eyes or face, and is very fine-milled and lustrous while still being work friendly!

July’s Goddess is DIANA, a gorgeous and luminous highlighter!